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What is Deliverance Healing?

Deliverance healing is a term often used in the context of spiritual or religious practices, particularly within certain Christian traditions. It refers to seeking healing, freedom, or relief from spiritual oppression, bondage, or affliction. Deliverance healing typically involves the belief that individuals can be spiritually or emotionally troubled due to the influence of hostile or malevolent spiritual forces, such as evil spirits or demons.

Key Elements and Concepts Associated with Deliverance Healing Include:

  1. Spiritual Oppression: Deliverance healing is often sought when individuals believe they are experiencing oppression, torment, or negative influences beyond typical psychological or physical issues. These may manifest as emotional turmoil, addictions, persistent negative thought patterns, or unexplained physical ailments.
  2. Prayer and Intercession: Deliverance healing often involves prayer, where individuals or a trained minister pray for the afflicted to receive relief from their spiritual troubles. These prayers may be specific to identifying and addressing any perceived spiritual oppression.
  3. Renouncing and Repentance: In many cases, the individual seeking deliverance may be encouraged to renounce any known or unknown involvement in occult practices, sinful behaviours, or past experiences that may have opened them up to spiritual oppression. Repentance and a commitment to following Christian teachings are strongly encouraged.
  4. Exorcism or Casting Out: Sometimes, when an evil spirit or demon is responsible for the oppression, a minister or prayer team may engage in "casting out" or exorcising the spirit, Commanding the spirit to leave the afflicted person in the name of Jesus Christ.
  5. Spiritual Warfare: Deliverance healing is seen as spiritual warfare, where individuals or ministers engage in prayer and spiritual practices to combat and overcome opposing spiritual forces. We believe that through the power of faith and God's authority, we can defeat these forces.


It's important to note that deliverance healing is a belief and practice associated with certain Christian denominations and is not universally accepted or practiced within Christianity. Beliefs and practices related to deliverance healing can vary significantly from one Christian tradition to another, and opinions on its validity and effectiveness also vary.

Individuals seeking deliverance healing should exercise caution, seek guidance from reputable sources, and consider consulting with trained and experienced ministers or counsellors knowledgeable about their faith tradition's specific beliefs and practices. Additionally, it's essential to remember that consulting with qualified mental health professionals is often recommended alongside any spiritual practices or beliefs when addressing mental health or emotional issues.

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